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Step 1: Unpacking the Components

  • Begin by carefully removing the necessary components from the provided case.

Step 2: Setting Up the Calibration Tripod

  • Start by screwing the non-slip star screw into the bottom of the calibration tripod.
  • Attach the camera base to the calibration tripod using the star screw.

Step 3: Attaching the Cameras

  • Proceed to attach the cameras to the camera base. For the initial setup, utilize the narrowest holes on the base.
  • Secure the cameras using the provided star screws.
  • Once securely attached, connect the cameras to the available USB ports on your computer.

Step 4: Installing the CeStudio Software

  • Navigate to the CePortal at ceportal.cepha-systems.de.
  • Log in using your Cepha username and password.
  • Download the “CeStudio” folder and extract its contents to a location of your choice on your computer.
  • Open the extracted folder and launch the CeStudio software.

Step 5: License Activation

  • Enter your provided license key to the license manager and confirm.
  • Please note: An active internet connection is required for license verification.

Step 6: Camera Configuration

  • In the subsequent setup window, you’ll have the option to select the ports for the connected cameras.
  • Hover your mouse over the camera selection area to preview the camera images.
  • Assign the correct camera to the left and right positions, from the perspective of the cameras.
  • Once assigned, initiate the main software window.

Step 7: Software Navigation

  • On the left sidebar, you’ll find various modules such as “Settings” and “CAD Construction”, as well as extensions.
  • Initialize the cameras in the “Settings” module.
  • The “Workspace” section on the right displays all spatial data in a three-dimensional view.
  • Under “Cameras”, you can view the live view from each camera. This section also allows you to adjust camera settings based on current lighting conditions.

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